Open Gym

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During Open Gym, we are offering 45-minute point rentals to students who are comfortable reviewing their skills. Please note that this is not a time for students to teach each other! Anyone training at the studio will need to bring their own apparatus to hang (please contact us if you need to purchase/rent equipment). We are offering a $5 apparatus rental fee if you do not own an apparatus. Students may arrive 15 minutes early to warm-up and stay 30 minutes after to stretch.

$25+tax for a single 45-minute point rental

Previously purchased open gym/conditioning cards may be applied to Open Gym, as may gift certificates.

To check each day's Open Gym schedule and book a point rental, please visit us at MindBody.

Important Information:

  • Please wash your hands when you arrive at the studio and before leaving the studio

  • Please bring your own mat and props to the studio to use for warming up (if needed, Therabands will be available for sale for $7 at the studio). Please refrain from using mats, balls, rollers, circles, bands that belong to the studio for now.

  • If you have very dry hands and need rosin, please bring your own rosin sock to the studio. There will be rosin for purchase for $5 at the studio (bring an old sock in a bag to fill).

  • Please wipe down the crash mat after your lesson. Be conscious of any places in the studio that you may have come into contact with and wipe them down (walls, railings, stools, bike handles, etc.)

  • If you sneeze, cough, etc in your hands, please wash or sanitize your hands

  • We love you and your ohana, however, when possible, please refrain from hanging out at the studio outside of your scheduled lesson (other people may be arriving and our staff needs time to prepare the space)

  • If you have had contact with anyone with COVID-19 please wait 14 days and make sure you are symptom free before coming to the studio

  • If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 please stay home!

“It is an exciting way to work out, taking to the air and letting the
spirit roar” -HonoluluAdvertiser