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What a fun and energizing Sunday morning workout!

Samadhi HI is located in Kaka'ako above BOCA and was a great space to be introduced to. We started out on the floor with lots of core work and some warm up poses. Thank you to Milly for being a great partner!

Then we got to get up on the silks. We all got to go upside down and experience that awesome feeling of supported weightlessness. But we were not done! Then we tried climbing up the silks. That was way more challenging for me and it was something new! I felt really supported (haha- no pun intended!) by my fellow yelpers and the awesome staff of Samadhi. They were there to spot us, encourage us and make sure that we got the technicalities of aerial correct. I felt very safe- even 5 feet off the floor!

It really was a full body workout and it was fun at the same time! I am definitely a little sore today after YKB: Island Club and Spa and this event in the past 24 hours! As we were wrapping the event up, Jamba Juice showed up! Imagine our delight when they started setting out complimentary kale smoothies.... they hit the spot and it was such a thoughtful touch by the yelp team. 

Thanks so much to the yelp team of Maka, Emi, Cathy and Alli for a new and exciting experience and another kick-butt event!

Meg M.




Dance in Hawaii has evolved from its traditional origins of Hula into a hypnotic array of styles and technique displayed in theaters across the islands.

But if you take away the stage and lift the dancers 20 to 30 Ft above the ground what is created is a harmony of grace, balance and motion as unique as Hawaii itself.

It is called Aerial Dance, where performers hang, swing, spiral and wrap their bodies in an amazing display of athleticism and fearlessness. With no safety lines, performers must rely on their training and skills to ensure their safety and dazzle their audience from the sky.

It is the kind of show you might expect to find as part of Cirque du Soleil, but on Oahu and Maui the glitz of the stage has been replaced by the power of NATURE as Hawaii's only acrobatic troupe, Samadhi Hawaii takes the aerial arts outside.

"Dancing on Air" - Maui Travel Channel




It's an exciting way to work out, taking to the air and letting the spirit soar.

Honolulu Advertiser


Mahalo Nui Loa to Yelp, Andrea Torres and the Samadhi Team for an awesome introduction to the world of aerial performance. These pros make it look graceful and easy, but in real life climbing the silks and holding/controlling a pose is a full body workout with an adrenaline kick!

We started the 2 hour class with stretches and core exercises to get us ready, then transitioned to the mats and working with the silks. Andrea does a great job demonstrating and explaining proper technique, then a pro assists/spots you to ensure you are safe and to help you complete the exercise. Soon you will be flipping, spinning, and having a great time.

If you ever had dreams of performing with Cirque Du Soleil or are looking for a great workout that combines strength, flexibility, artistry, and hanging out a couple stories off the ground, you need to check out Samadhi. Visit for information about classes and upcoming performances.

Lori L.

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Honolulu, HI 96813


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